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Visitor Center Program Bidder Acknowledgement/Certification OBS 300 California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation CDCR Bid Invitation No. 6000001029 The bidder hereby agrees to provide all labor materials supplies licenses permits equipment and transportation necessary to perform all services required for the foregoing titled work in accordance with the Scope of Work all Terms and Conditions Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise DVBE req...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing obs 300 fillable
Learning the ins and outs of OBS Studio canbe nice but sometimes you just want to jump ahead to the best possible settings This is the video for that Im going to skip over creating scenes andsources and all that lets tackle setting the right bit rates and settings for a highquality live stream or video recording Lets jump in ARE YOU TIRED OF YOUR STREAMS OR VOICE CHATSOUNDING LIKE THIS Do you want the comfort and quality of high-endheadphones without sacrificing microphone quality Antlions ModMic 5 is the perfect solution Their dual-capsule microphone attaches easilyand securely to your existing headphones and fits within any setup thanks to the modularcable system It comes with a cable wrap to protect yourwires includes an optional inline mute module and sounds a little something like this Check it out via the link in the descriptionbelow Im EposVox and this is the video wherewe will cover bit rates resolutions frame rates and so on If you need to know how to set up OBS Studioin the first place or arent understanding some of the lingo consider checking outthe rest of my OBS Studio tutorial course videos for more information When adjusting your OBS settings for streamingand recording there are three main number-y things that you need to worry about so itsimportant you really understand what they are and which ones you need Those numbers are Resolution Frame Rateand Bit Rate Real quick for those who dont know whatthe numbers mean lets summarize Resolution refers to the dimensions in pixelsof your video feed This is usually 1920x1080 or 1280x720 butif you have monitors of different aspect ratios or sizes your resolution could be different On newer Windows versions you can right-clickyour desktop and choose Display Settings or Screen Resolution to find your monitorsresolution Alternatively you can create a DisplayCapture scene in OBS and when you choose your monitor it will tell you your resolutionacross all systems When setting your base resolution in the VideoSettings tab this should be either your computer monitor resolution or the input resolutionof an external capture card if you are recording from a console or external video device Change the Scaled Resolution settingto be the same as your base resolution as we will scale for streaming in the Outputsettings later Choosing frame rate is fairly straightforward either 30FPS or 60FPS You can choose 25 FPS instead of 30 for betterperformance if your computer is struggling to stream but for a recording this wouldnot look very good 30FPS is easier to stream and record andwill look much better for lower bitrates while streaming 60FPS looks a lot smoother for most gamesand is often preferred by viewers but takes a more powerful PC to stream Next go over to the Output settings tab Here we will adjust your bitrates for streamingand recording and tweak a couple advanced settings At the top of this window Click the dropdownwhere it says Output Mode and change it from Simple to Advanced Simple mode may...